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Website Design And Development

Your website is your identity over the web. Just like you make your interiors and decor perfect as per the line of business for walk-in customers, your website should be self explanatory, easy to navigate, attractive for all the customers visiting it. The design of the website needs to be in line with your business in terms of colors & layout. Also, it needs to be user-friendly, responsive with enough Calls To Action, Social platform sharing facilities that would lead to more engagement as well more conversions.

The most important thing is to decide the type of website required for the business. Whether it needs to be only informative or needs more interaction, whether it's just to showcase the products & services or is it to sell things online, whether it's for a corporate company or just a blogging website. All this determines the way in which a website will be designed or developed.

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SEO Audit

Once we have a website either new or old we need to check how good it is as per the SEO. Unless the website appears in the top rankings of search engines it's of no use. SEO Audit includes checking of content, links, URL's, page redirects, external page linking and all such other aspects that affect the rankings of the website on search engines.

After the SEO audit we provide an analysis which lists the changes required to be made in the design, content, keywords, redirections for better search engines to be able to crawl the website easily increasing website traffic.

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Optimization in our terms means to make the website more and more user- friendly and SEO friendly. As per the SEO Audit we get knowledge of how the new websites are to be made as per SEO standards. Also for websites that need redesigning or re development we follow our SEO analysis to do the required changes to make a website that is at par.

We keep a proper track of both internal & external linking along with modifying content that would be better in terms of gaining more audience to the website.

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Our SEO team constantly keeps an eye on the website's SEO performance and continues to search for relevant keywords to be put on the web pages to increase the ranking. It also keeps a track of new trends and relevant information that can be used or added on to the website for it to be browsed more often.

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On/Off SEO

As SEO is a process that reaps benefits over a period of time continuous On/Off page changes are done to improve the rankings. On Page is to optimize the elements on the web pages which can be keywords, meta tags, content or links to content inside the pages of the website. In means working on the live website and improvising it to increase the ranking on search engines. Whereas, Off -page SEO includes checking for external links to the website, back-linking & also linking of social media platforms and their effect on the social media platforms.

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Conversion is the final goal when we speak about SEO. It's all true that we need our website to be ranking at the top for search results but not just for gaining visibility, the ultimate goal is obviously gaining customers from the entire process.

Thus the final step of all this is to track the leads generated after all the work done to optimize the website and figure out the profit done to the business by SEO which is finding out the conversion rate. We calculate & compare the performance SEO of the website to improvise and strategize accordingly in the future. We also provide a report of the same to the customers along with the data of the leads gathered during the process.

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We Provide ROI Driven Search Engine Optimization

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Stay on the Top of Search Results

Proper structured layout for the website, unique content, correct keywords, user friendly & responsive design matter a lot when we speak about SEO & we help our clients achieve all helping them to achieve top ranks in searches of search engines.

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  • Connect with pre-qualified customers
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  • Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team
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